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Public Benefits

COVID-19 - Testing and Treatment - Cost and Coverage

Reporting Requirements for FoodShare and BadgerCare

Reporting Requirements for FoodShare and BadgerCare

Requisitos de Reportar para FoodShare y BadgerCare

Requisitos de Reportar para FoodShare y BadgerCare

BadgerCare +

The following documents have information about one of Wisconsin's health insurance programs, BadgerCare Plus, including information about changes since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Learn more and apply at https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/forwardhealth/apply.htm


Haga clic en este enlace para obtener información sobre uno de los programas de seguro de salud de Wisconsin, BadgerCare Plus, incluyendo información acerca de los cambios realizados desde la aplicación de la Ley de Asistencia Asequible.

Child Care Assistance (Wisconsin Shares) Information

Wisconsin’s Child Care Subsidy program, Wisconsin Shares, helps low-income families pay for child care. The resource below gives some basic information about Wisconsin Shares.


Learn more and apply here: https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/wishares/apply  


Wondering if you are eligible for FoodShare (Food Stamps)? Our "Who can get FoodShare" document below might help. 

Find out how to apply for FoodShare here: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/forwardhealth/apply.htm

W-2 Information

The resource below gives basic information about W-2, Wisconsin's program that helps custodial parents of minor children by providing cash assistance and services needed to be ready and able to work, become employed and retain employment.

For more information and to apply visit: https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/w2/parents/find-an-agency